New “mackerel bagna cauda” added to buquérico
“dip and spread” series

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. launched online sales of a new offering in its “dip & spread” series of […]

Posted on April 5, 2023

Menraku Brand Site Launch

On March 29 2023, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. launched a comprehensive new website dedicated exclusively to its […]

Posted on March 28, 2023

Hikari Miso to Exhibit at BIOFACH 2023 Organic Foods Trade Fair at HALL 1-620

From February 14th to 17th, 2023 Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. will exhibit at BIOFACH 2023, one of the […]

Posted on February 6, 2023

Two new flavors in the buquérico gelato series

On February 1st 2023, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. buquérico online store added two new exciting flavors of gelato […]

Posted on February 5, 2023

Tasty New Additions to “SANCHI Miso Soup” Instant Soup Range

The SANCHI Miso Soup range of instant soups by Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. gives easy access to tasty […]

Posted on January 30, 2023

“buquérico” just made the second launch of new gelato range following the first “bean to Miso” range

More than sweetness!Enjoy fermentation! HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. is excited to launch four gelato varieties as part of […]

Posted on December 27, 2022

Hikari Miso Flavor Wheel

The pioneer to define Miso Characteristics Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is the first in the miso industry* to […]

Posted on December 26, 2022

Trade price change by Hikari Miso

November 15, 2022, Tokyo, Japan HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. announced the changes in trade prices for a selected […]

Posted on November 14, 2022

Hikari Miso introduces brand-new “buquérico”

On October 27, 2022, HIKARI MISO Co.,LTD. introduced buquérico a brand that offers a new eating style of […]

Posted on October 31, 2022

Collaboration with HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd.
and Suntory Wine International Limited

HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. collaborates with the product, “Miso Nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022 launched on October 1st, 2022 and […]

Posted on October 21, 2022