Hikari Miso Expands Use of Renewable Energy
HQ to be Powered Exclusively by CO2-Free “Shinshu Green Electricity”

Posted on May 28, 2023

From June 2023 Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. (Shimosuwa Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture) will power its headquarters entirely using “Shinshu Green Electricity” generated without CO2 emissions using the abundant waters of the Shinshu (Nagano) region, a hydroelectric power station operated by the prefectural development office. This will reduce CO2 emissions at Hikari Miso HQ by 92 tons annually.

Hikari Miso first began purchasing Shinshu Green Electricity in April 2022, as part of its environmental protection measures at its Iijima Green factory. The factory uses renewable energy in a number of original ways, including recycling wastewater and sludge generated during the production of miso to produce methane and in turn, clean energy. As a result, the factory operation achieved a reduction in CO2 of 321 tons for the year to March 2023.

Now, by adopting Shinshu Green Electricity to power its HQ, Hikari Miso will extend its use of renewable energy and promote localized energy production and consumption, doubling the company’s commitment to meet the UN SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

Overview of Hikari Miso headquarters

Location: 4848-1 Shimosuwa, Suwa-gun, Nagano

Site area: 8,421.97㎡

Floor space: 2,903.31㎡ (measured over an office block, a product development center, and a miso cellar)

Employees: 18

Hikari Miso HQs are located by Lake Suwa, surrounded by beautiful Kirigamine Heights and Yatsugatake mountain ranges. The company started miso making in 1951. Hikari Miso now maintains headquarters functions in Suwa, while most of miso making process moved to Iijima Green Factory which is about 50 km away down to south at the foot of Japan Alps.

Hikar Miso Headquarters

The Hikari Miso HQs building, completed in 1997, was designed by Takahiko Yanagisawa (1935 – 2037). The company’s HQs building is his first office building design work among many of his public building works including the New National Opera Theater Tokyo, Tokyo Opera City, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. 

Hikari Miso UN SDGs initiatives

Hikari Miso, with its brand message “Nature’s Best, from Our Family to Yours,” is proactively participating in the UN SDGs. The SDGs initiatives are based on the need to reduce CO2 emissions, plastics, and food waste; concerns shared across the food industry. Through such measures, we will achieve ongoing improvement in corporate values and practices. We have also identified four priority areas specific to Hikari Miso, which will be integrated into the business as it grows.


Shared food industry issues are to reduce:

  1.  CO2 emissions
  2.  Plastics
  3.  Food waste

Hikari Miso priority areas:

  1. Expanding the supply of organic miso as an environmentally friendly product
  2. Improving wastewater management
  3. Promoting diversity of employment
  4. Involvement in strengthening local communities and revitalizing neglected woodlands

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