In Japan, people say “itadakimasu” (e-tah-dah-key-mah-s) before meals – a humble acknowledgement that we are receiving blessings from mother nature and thanking the lives that enrich us with this food. Think of it like the French “bon appetit,” seasoned with many layers of gratitude. Our Hikari Miso family embraces nature’s best and proudly crafts the finest organic miso to enrich you and your family. Itadakimasu.


For four generations, Hikari Miso craftsmen have been mindful stewards of the earth, passionately working with nature and the spirit of itadakimasu to the benefit of all – our customers, our employees, and our planet.

We craft our distinctive, flavorful foods in Nagano, Japan, where the forces of water, air, and cool climate come together in singular fashion to provide an ideal environment for making miso. It is only here that the distinctive taste of Hikari Miso can be created.

Natural and tasty is our mission

Long before it was fashionable, our visionary artisans pioneered making natural and tasty organic miso. We have been making organic miso since 1997.

The soybeans and rice used to produce our organic miso products are grown on strictly managed farms that adhere to the highest standards and practices. No banned chemicals or synthesized fertilizers can be used during cultivation. These farms are located in environments with cool weather, moderate rain, and nutritious black soil, which favor cultivation. The organic rice farms are located in environments with temperature climate and excellent clean irrigation. We thank nature for her blessings and all that we grow and harvest together.


Hikari Miso is the number one producer of organic miso in the world

CRAFTSMANSHIP – The delicate art
of time and transformation

Our respect for the superb craftsmanship required to make the best miso in the world is reflected not only in our product, but in our people as well. We begin each year with the Daikanjikomi ritual, paying homage to previous generations that taught us the value of passionate dedication to the craft of miso-making. At this annual event held in January, our craftsmen, young and old, participate in creating small batches of miso with unique ingredients that will be fermented and aged for several years. The Daikanjikomi reminds us of our history while also celebrating the innovative methods of fermenting and aging developed by our modern craftsmen.


We must ensure our customers have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, in every dish, at every meal – over and over again. Our miso must not only be delicious, but the flavors and taste must be consistent. This is quite difficult to achieve, because miso is powered by microorganisms and natural ingredients. The fermentation and aging processes are delicate and complex, and don’t always behave as we expect. This is why we take the creation of miso very seriously. Every day, we taste it, touch it, smell it, look at it and listen to it. Through our passion and commitment to the highest standards, we deliver happiness to their dining table, and the taste that brings customers back to themselves.

– Mr. Kazumichi Koichi

Our Organic and Non-GMO miso products offer a wide range of flavor experiences sure to meet the expectations of your entire family



We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations for consumers around the world. To meet this goal, below you will find global and regional certifications and standards we proudly earned and maintain.


ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).


We are proud to have earned these three distinct organic certifications.


Certified by Japan Halal association recognized by JAKIM (Malaysia), MUIS (Singapore), MUI (Indonesia), GAC (Gulf Countries) and ESMA (UAE).


FSSC 22000 (The Foundation for Food Safety Certification) is a Food Safety Management Certification Process recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) to provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry.


To be certified Kosher, all ingredients and the production process of the product must comply with a strict policy of kosher food laws.


Certified by GFCO (The Gluten-Free Certification Organization), a third-party certification program for gluten-free products.

We embrace the wisdom of our forefathers and the promise of the future, bridging the simpler, healthier diet of yesterday with the mindfully delicious and nutritious diet of tomorrow


100 years in the making

When Suekichi and Yasuharu Hayashi founded Maruni Miso Trading, the predecessor of Hikari Miso, in Nagano, Japan in 1936, they had no idea their modest family business would grow to delight and nourish people around the world, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the nature and nurture of miso.

Message from the Ceo

Passionately committed to making high quality authentic miso of Japanese tradition, Yoshihiro Hayashi the fourth generation, is proactively cultivating the market outside Japan by offering a series of organic miso range which suits excellent taste profiles broadly appreciated by customers worldwide.


Ginza Kuki

We are also passionate about innovating food and influencing food culture for the next generations. This is why we created Ginza Kuki, a restaurant which offers a theme of “Fermentation and Aging” cultivated through mastery and dedication to ancient culinary traditions. The restaurant offers a seasonal course menu, inspired by top of the range Hikari Miso in immense ways.

“Kuki” refers to the history of miso fermentation, with its origins dating back to 6th century in China. Kuki is unique to present the series of foods, in a modern but authentic way, wishing for your great experience in fascinating use of fermentation and aging techniques.