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naturally wholesome.
deliciously flavorful.
exceptionally healthy.

Our miso is full of peptides and amino acids formed during fermentation – bringing you umami, nutrition, and a probiotic boost for gut health to your food. Some say it makes all vegetables taste better.Miso, as a fermented food, is often used as a base for vegetarian dishes in Japan.

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Our wholesome organic miso is created by our craftsmen, bringing nature’s best to you.

Easy cooking with miso

Add miso to your meals to create aromas and mouthwatering flavors packed with healthy nutrients. Miso harmonizes with all kinds of dishes, bringing out the umami in savory meat, balancing fishy flavors, and adding complexity to everything from soups to veggies to sweet desserts.

Salad on a plate.


Tasty dips and dressings that bring zing to your veggies

Steak cut up on a cutting board.

Meats and Egg

Marinades and sauces that leave meat brimming with flavor

Salmon on a plate.


Flavorful marinades and sauces for scrumptious seafood

A cream desert in a cup.


Desserts that are sure to delight


Chef Nobu

The world-famous chef shares miso recipes from his own kitchen

Explore the world of Hikari Miso products

Our Hikari Miso family is passionate about bringing nature’s best to you. We lovingly craft a variety of wholesome miso and other fermented foods that are healthy and delicious.

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Miso, explained

Miso is neither strictly a seasoning nor a nutritional food. Miso has the property of both. It is a prime example of a well-balanced, multi-nutrient food, made from a mixture of soybeans, rice, salt, water, and a mold called Aspergillus oryzae.

Four generations of taste and quality you can trust

For nearly a century, Hikari Miso artisans have lovingly cultivated a 1,300-year-old Japanese culinary tradition to craft exceptional foods for families around the world.