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Exterior photo of Hikari headquarters.


Hikari Miso Co., Ltd.
4848-1 Shimosuwa
Suwa-gun, NAGANO 393-0041

An employee checking miso.


Hikari Miso Iijima Green Factory
1145-8 Tagiri, Iijima-machi
Kamiina-gun, NAGANO 399-3701

Employees in the office.

Head Sales Office

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office
3-5-10 Otsuka, Sumitomoseisen Koishikawa
Bldg. 2F
Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO 112-0012

Take advantage of our expertise to support your business needs

A chef preparing food.

Hikari Miso is actively engaged in technical support for business-to-business transactions. We can provide products and services designed for maximum ease.

Bulk box of White Miso.

Industrial Use

Hikari Miso maintains a wide selection of miso to choose from and caters for unique use and processing requirements

Bulk box of Miso Soup.

Food Service

Hikari Miso can find or create solutions to develop various menu offerings.