2023 release of seasonal special “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari”

Posted on July 27, 2023

On October 1st, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd will launch the 2023 edition of its “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” naturally-fermented Daikanjikomi miso offering a taste of “first-of-the-season” miso in supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout Japan. “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” will be available in limited quantities and for a limited time only, with international release also planned at a later date.


An annual “first-of-the-season” miso offering

Taking its name from the French meaning new, “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” represents a totally new, seasonal concept in miso. Long-aged miso is fermented and matured over a considerable period to cultivate a flavor of vibrant intensity, however “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” is a young miso light and bright in color with a bracing palate and no superfluous additions, unpasteurized to ensure it lands on the shelf with the enticing flavors of its ingredients fully intact. Made using the traditional “Daikanjikomi” technique employing new rice and soybeans, “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” combines a subtle hint of soy with a fruity fermented fragrance, in a miso of invigorating freshness. Since its initial launch in 2021, this unique product has acquired an enthusiastic and loyal following, with advance orders via the official website far exceeding expectations last year. With its release now an annual event, our first miso of the season “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” has become a popular limited-time-only treat for true miso lovers. 

Naturally fermented miso is made just once a year using the traditional “Daikanjikomi” technique

“Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” is a naturally fermented miso prepared using the “Daikanjikomi” technique. This involves taking generous quantities of soybeans and rice harvested just the previous autumn and using them to make miso during the period in January known as Daikan, the coldest time of year, generally deemed optimal for miso manufacture. The miso is cultured solely by the power of nature, without heating, then once a hint of summer arrives, exposed to the air to encourage further fermentation, eliciting even more flavor and depth. Befitting its status as a distinctively different miso, “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” is made using new Koshihikari rice harvested the previous autumn, plus soybeans and sea salt both produced in Japan specifically for miso manufacture.

Features of this year’s “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari”

Compared to last year, 2023’s production period was characterized by true wintery chill and warm spring, perfect conditions for miso manufacture. Slow, thorough fermentation at low temperatures has resulted in a product’s freshness with robust sweetness and flavor. This year’s batch of “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” is distinguished by a moist, mouthwatering texture, and fruity aroma with a hint of pineapple tang.

Each “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” release has a unique flavor and fragrance due to variations in weather and the condition of the raw ingredients, making it a miso to appreciate in the manner of a nouveau wine, deliciously different each year.


Name: “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” 2023

Net weight: 400g

MSRP: 756 Yen incl. tax

Best before: 6 months from the date of manufacture


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