Hikari Miso to Exhibit at BIOFACH 2024
Organic Foods Trade Fair at HALL 2-210

Posted on February 8, 2024

From February 13th to 16th, 2024 Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. will exhibit at BIOFACH 2024, one of the world’s leading organic food trade fairs, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Occupying space 210 in Hall 2, this exhibit promotes traditional Japanese soybean products miso and tofu to an international audience. The company is excited to present seven varieties of organic miso including a new chickpea-based miso, one variety of instant miso soup made with fresh miso for authentic Japanese flavor, and a new liquid miso product to be launched this spring; all EU organic-certified miso products aimed specifically at the European market. The booth at 2-210 in Hall 2 will also offer three varieties of British and EU organic-certified tofu from Hikari Miso Shizenno Megumi range produced by a Hikari Miso UK subsidiary, tofu maker Dragonfly Foods Ltd. These are a soft (kinugoshi) tofu, less commonly found in Europe, plus firm and extra firm options.


■ New Products; ”Organic Chickpea Miso” and “Organic Dashi Flavoured Miso”

Miso lovers outside Japan are already spoilt for choice with a popular Organic Miso range that includes White, Red, Mild Sodium, Dashi, Brown Rice, Saikyo Sweet, Barley, Haccho, and 3-Year Aged. In a further expansion of this superb lineup, Hikari Miso is now excited to present “Organic Chickpea Miso”, a soy-free product that will be rolled out in the European and American markets simultaneously, starting with its unveiling at BIOFACH 2024. Of the series, White, Red, Mild Sodium, Brown Rice, Saikyo Sweet, and Chickpea products have gained EU organic certification.

The other new product, ”Organic Dashi Flavoured Miso” in a bottled liquid form that dissolves easily, perfect for adding a dash of delicious fresh miso taste to cooking, has achieved EU organic certification for the first time.


■ Dragonfly Foods Ltd. 

Dragonfly Foods Ltd. is a UK tofu maker established in 1984 in the beautiful natural surroundings of Devon. Since becoming a subsidiary of Hikari Miso in 2015, Dragonfly Foods has employed state-of-the-art Japanese equipment to make Hikari Miso tofu.

Many Europeans consume firmer, flavored tofu as a meat substitute, however the high-quality organic tofu manufactured by Dragonfly Foods very much retains the umami and sweetness of traditional tofu, thanks to a time-honored Japanese production method using only nigari as a coagulant.

■ Ongoing international demand for Japanese and fermented foods

One of the world’s healthiest diets, with an excellent nutritional balance, traditional Japanese cuisine or washoku has gained increasing popularity in recent years.  Miso󠄀 is a core seasoning in Japanese food, and exports of miso are growing steadily on the back of the current fermented food boom. Growth in demand for safe, trustworthy organic miso of superior quality has been an especially notable driver of miso exports. By not only exporting products sold in Japan but developing products exclusively for overseas customers that cater to local preferences, Hikari Miso has succeeded in boosting sales and expanding exports to over 55 countries around the world, with a particular focus on the American and European markets.

■ Three decades of Hikari Miso’s commitment to organic miso

Organic miso has long been Hikari Miso’s main business, in line with the company’s brand message of “Nature’s Best, From Our Family to Yours”. As well as striving to supply the tastiest organic miso, to ensure the utmost peace of mind for customers Hikari Miso has obtained several third-party organic certifications. This includes earning certification in 1997 from the Organic Crop Improvement Association(OCIA)in the U.S. and embarking on full-scale organic miso sales prior to the 1999 introduction of the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS)which is a Japanese national organic certification. Next came JAS organic certification in 2000, followed by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) certification in 2001, and EU organic certification in 2008. Throughout this, Hikari Miso has been selling a diverse range of organic miso products in both the Japanese and international markets. Hikari Miso’s action plan for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also positions expanding organic miso operations as a key contribution to production-to-plate sustainability. As a leading manufacturer of organic miso, alongside its dedication to flavor, Hikari Miso is also committed to sustainable product development.

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