Hikari Miso Introduces New “Enbun Half” Reduced Sodium Miso

Posted on July 27, 2023

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is excited to launch “Enbun Half” meaning “Miso with sodium content just HALF of the regular type of miso” a new reduced sodium miso crafted using the company’s unique fermentation technique. Made with 50 percent less sodium content than other Hikari Miso’s regular miso range, the product offers the sweetness of the koji cultured rice, a strong miso aroma, and rich umami. “Enbun Half” represents a new style of miso that is not only perfect for miso soup, but thanks to its greatly reduced saltiness, is an easy way to add depth and umami intensity to myriad other dishes. “Enbun Half” will be available at supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout Japan from September 1st, 2023.


An innovative new production method has allowed Hikari Miso to reduce sodium content by 50 percent, rather than the 20 – 25 percent reduction more common for reduced sodium miso. In this method, the rice is decomposed into sugar mainly in the first fermentation, the second fermentation then serving to draw out the flavor and aroma of the miso, resulting in a product with the taste of the ingredients still very much alive. With just 50 percent of the sodium content of other Hikari Miso’s miso range, “Enbun Half” offers a more understated salt flavor, the sweetness of the koji coming to the fore instead to produce a miso that is subtly sweet even without the addition of sweet sake mirin or sugar. “Enbun Half” can thus be used as a seasoning in its own right to round off a range of dishes. Able to be used generously without adding excessive saltiness, it is the ideal way to add extra depth and flavor to cooking.


Name: Enbun Half

Net weight: 650g

MSRP: 540 Yen incl. tax

Best before: 6 months from the date of manufacture for the Japanese market


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