Announcing the limited release of new wine-flavored buquérico gelatos!
Plus, a great-value seasonal Christmas gift box

Posted on December 14, 2023

On December 6th 2023, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. added two new flavors of gelato to its buquérico range of products offering innovative ways to enjoy fermented foods. The new flavors, available from the brand’s official online store only while stocks last, are “JONETSU Red Wine and Cassis,” and “TOKIMEKI White Wine and Apple.”

Also available from December 6th, for a limited time only, are Christmas gift boxes containing four different gelato varieties, including these two new additions.

The buquérico online store:


Since its launch in 2022, the buquérico range of gelato desserts crafted from fermented ingredients has proven highly popular with lovers of tempting iced confections seduced by its innovative blending of miso with milk, caramel, and more.

 Now Hikari Miso is delighted to present two new gelato varieties, made using red and white wine. “JONETSU Red Wine and Cassis” is a rich gelato for the more sophisticated palate, suffusing the tastebuds with the tartness of ripe cassis (blackcurrant) fruit, and the robust aroma of red wine. “TOKIMEKI White Wine and Apple” is distinguished by the intense sweetness and flavor depth of ripe apples from Nagano, and the bracing freshness of white wine, supplemented by just a hint of lemon acidity.


A luxury gelato for grown-up tastes, made with red wine and cassis fruit. Each silky-smooth mouthful delivers a blast of ripe cassis, combined with the full-bodied aroma of red wine. Like miso, wine too is produced by the power of fermentation, and care has been taken to choose wine made without antioxidants, to ensure that its true flavors come to the fore.



An elegant, sophisticated gelato crafted from white wine and apples. A touch of lemon tartness added to the bracing taste of white wine, and the intense sweetness and depth of ripe apples from Nagano give TOKIMEKI a crisp, clean finish. Wine, like miso, is the product of fermentation, and care has been taken to choose a wine made without antioxidants to keep its true flavors to the fore.


Product Summary – Japanese market only

Category: gelato

buquérico  JONETSU Red Wine and Cassis

buquérico  TOKIMEKI White Wine and Apple

MSRP : 600 Yen incl. tax

Net : 110 ml

Available: December 6, 2023 – end of March 2024 (est.)

Limited Edition Christmas Gift box

4500 Yen incl. tax

Available: December 6 (Wed) – 25 (Mon) 2023

A seasonal gift box was released for the Christmas period. This great-value set contains two tubs each of new flavors “JONETSU Red Wine and Cassis” and “TOKIMEKI White Wine and Apple”, and also of the classic buquérico gelato flavors “DEAI Milk and Miso” and “HORONIGA Miso Caramel.” Ideal as a gift, or for sampling different flavors at home.

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