Hikari Miso Launches “Makanai Miso Soup  Awase”

Posted on February 29, 2024

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is delighted to announce the launch of “Makanai Miso SoupAwase,” an addition to the “Makanai Miso SoupTM” range of fresh-paste instant soups crafted from the finest miso known only to dedicated miso makers. This new product will be available at supermarkets and other food stores across Japan from March 1 2024, with overseas rollout to come.


“Makanai Miso Soup Awase” features

“Awase” miso blends multiple types of miso to add extra depth of flavor and is popular for its mild, well-balanced taste. Three of the finest extra smooth miso selected by Hikari Miso’s expert miso maker have been blended in perfect proportions to produce an intensely flavorsome miso with a hint of sweetness. These are sweet koji miso crafted with a generous portion of rice koji; a red miso with the distinctive umami and robust aroma of soybeans; and a light white miso that lets the innate flavor of its components shine. A drop of mirin sweet sake is added as the secret ingredient to these three distinctive miso to create an instant soup with an intense, full-bodied miso taste.

■ Makanai Miso SoupTM

“Makanai Miso SoupTM” takes instant miso soup back to its essentials to highlight the authentic natural taste and aroma of miso. This is the ultimate clean-label instant miso soup, made of miso, dried bonito flakes, and cut garnish without any chemical seasonings. The simplest way to make tasty miso soup, practiced by those who truly understand miso, has always been just to place miso and dried bonito flakes in a bowl, add roughly chopped garnish ingredients (vegetables, seaweed, etc.) to suit, then pour on boiling water. To achieve this same supreme flavor, Hikari Miso chose the finest miso in a storehouse. Sprinkle on flakes from the pack for the intense flavor and aroma of  freshly shaved dried bonito, and an even more delicious soup. 


Name:Makanai Miso Soup Awase

MSRP: 378 Yen incl. tax

Best before: 6 months from the date of manufacture for the Japanese market

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