Maru-Mu Miso Inaka (HALAL Certified)
12.8 oz (375 g)

Maru-Mu Miso Inaka (HALAL Certified)12.8 oz (375 g)

The product is HALAL certified for retail package. Our Maru-mu Miso Inaka has bright red in color, and has deep but refreshing flavor with a toasted aroma. Balanced umami, saltiness, and tartness. “Inaka Miso” is originally the farmer’s home-made miso in old days in Japan, typically dark brown in color and robust umami, coming from long fermentation period at home.

Contains: Soybeans

NET WT. 13.2 oz. (375g)


Vegan friendly icon Gluten-Free icon Halal friendly icon


Water, Soybeans, Rice, Salt.

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