Hikari Miso Introduces Low-sodium Products in Response to Today’s Dietary Needs

Low-sodium Miso, Instant Miso Soup, Soup Products Developed Jointly with Nutrition Clinic to Hit Shelves

Hikari Miso announced a new low-sodium product line for spring/summer 2015, developed jointly with the Nutrition Clinic, Kagawa Nutrition University. This low-sodium Hikari Miso line of products will go on sale in grocery stores and supermarkets across Japan starting mid-March. The series consists of five low-sodium products including “Mutenka Genen Miso,” all-natural miso; “Genen Omisoshiru,” instant miso soup; and “Ju Hinmoku no Gensen Sozai Genen Soup,” instant soup with 10 nutritious ingredients.

New Series Boasts Delicious Flavor and Nutrition While Salt is Reduced:

Hikari Miso developed the series in response to the recent low-sodium trend relating to lifestyle disease prevention. The trend is expected to accelerate as Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan lowered the recommended allowance for salt in the latest dietary guideline. Hikari Miso partnered with the Nutrition Clinic, Kagawa Nutrition University to meet challenges of low-sodium products, such as overcoming blunt taste, maintaining balanced nutrition, and containing correct amount of salt so that customers may enjoy the product on a daily basis.

“Mutenka Genen Miso” is all-natural miso featuring a tasty blend of koji sweetness of and savory flavor from soybeans. The miso is fermented with 1.5 to 1 ratio of rice koji to soybeans, which is higher than typical miso products. This yields a deeper flavor of miso while keeping the salt content low. The product is perfect for miso soup as well as any dish using great aroma and flavor of miso.

“Genen Omisoshiru” is an instant miso soup assorted with two varieties: “Irodori Yasai” using abundant of vegetables, and “Neba Neba Yasai to Kaiso” containing okra and seaweed. Colorfully presented and nutritiously balanced, the miso soup can fill appetite with plenty of toppings and help reduce intake of salt.

Also in the series is “Ju Hinmoku no Gensen Sozai Genen Soup,” an assorted instant soup with 10 carefully-selected ingredients such as barley, quinoa and agar. The product includes two types of soup: “Tori Paitan” chicken broth and “Wafu Shoyu” soy sauce with a hint of yuzu citrus. The soup is full of toppings and flavor, yet low in sodium.

Collaboration with a Pioneer in Lifestyle Disease Prevention:

To introduce the new line of low-sodium products, Hikari Miso collaborated with the Nutrition Clinic of Kagawa Nutrition University, a clinic pioneered in lifestyle disease prevention and obesity treatment since its inception in 1968. The clinic studies the metabolic syndrome in recent years and provides a wide range of education, research and consultation on diet and health in addition to medical practice.

With the clinic’s supervision and advice, Hikari Miso has successfully reduced salt content by 25% in miso and soup, and by 30% in instant miso soup, compared to the existing products. In the mean time, the company achieved the same delicious flavor for the series by intensifying its fermentation technique for miso and its product development ability for processed foods.

Hikari Miso introduced the low-sodium version of “Mutenka Enjuku Koji Miso” and JAS Organic certified “Kodawattemasu” in the past, which have been widely accepted and highly recognized to date. With the new series launched, the company hopes to further promote products that are delicious yet low in sodium and to provide more healthy options for consumers.

About Nutrition Clinic, Kagawa Nutrition University:

The Nutrition Clinic was established in 1968 by Aya Kagawa, the founder of Kagawa Nutrition University. The clinic provides medical practice by doctors and health and diet consultation by nutritionists in the fields of lifestyle disease prevention, obesity treatment and the metabolic syndrome.