Nobu Dry Miso
2.82 oz (80 g)

Nobu Dry Miso2.82 oz (80 g)

World-renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature seasoning. Nobu-san has been very active and innovative in introducing umami around the world, when he got the idea of making miso in a dry form. Now Dry Miso is achieved using the latest freeze dry technology. Sprinkle Dry Miso over fish sashimi, chicken, and salad, to add texture, saltiness, and a savory umami flavor. Dry Miso specially matches perfectly with olive oil, yuzu juice, and some other citrus vinegar, when they are drizzled on fish sashimi.

Contains: Soybeans

NET WT. 2.82 oz. (80g)


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Soybean Paste (Water, Soybeans, Rice,Salt)

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