Collaboration with HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd.
and Suntory Wine International Limited

Posted on October 21, 2022

HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. collaborates with the product, “Miso Nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022 launched on October 1st, 2022 and the Japan wine, “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau 2022” to be released nationwide in Japan on November 3rd, 2022 by Suntory Wine International Limited. Original recipes, which take advantages of the miso󠄀 flavor and pair well with wine, was released on the official “Miso Nouveau, Hatsunari” brand website on October 3rd, 2022.


HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. and Suntory Wine International Limited have developed collaborative recipes using “the new of the season.”

Last year, the company launched “Miso Nouveau Hatsunari”, a new concept of “the new of the season”, which was only available during the season and had been well received. On October 1st, 2022, the 2022 edition of “Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” was released in limited quantities and for a limited period.

Suntory Wine International Limited launched a new brand “SUNTORY FROM FARM” this year to convey to more customers the appeal of Japan wine, which is made by crafts people’s skill and passion in the Japanese climate. “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau Koshu” 2022 and “SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau Muscat Bailey A 2022” will be released on November 3rd, 2022.

“Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” which is made in the traditional miso-making process called “Daikanjikomi”and used the new crop of rice and soybeans harvested in Japan. This will be paired with “SUNTORY FROM FARM,” a Japanese wine developed using seasonal grapes have the common characteristics of being “made in Japan,” “the new of the season” and “craftsmanship.” That’s why the original recipe development through this collaboration becomes possible.

Original recipes using “Miso Nouveau Hatsunari 2022” to go with each wine will be posted on the official “Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” brand website and Suntory’s e-commerce site, “Wine Days FROM FARM”.

Enjoy a new combination of recipes which take advantage of the fresh flavor of Miso and the fresh aroma of wine. We hope you will try it at home and experience the new Japanese food culture of combination of “the new of the season.”

“Miso Nouveau Hatsunari” official brand website:

Suntory, “Wine Days FROM FARM”

Collaborative recipes will be available from November 3rd, 2022.

Recipe No.1: Mariage of “Miso Tartar of Yellowtail” and “Japanese Nouveau Koshu 2022”

Tartar combined with yellowtail sashimi and savory vegetables is seasoned with miso for a rich flavor. This dish goes well with the refreshing white wine.

Recipe No.2: Mariage of “Paper-wrapped Steamed Mushrooms with Miso” and “Japanese Nouveau Muscat Bailey A 2022”

This is a style of eating bay leaf scented mushrooms with miso. The rich umami of mushrooms and bacon complements the gorgeous wine flavors.

■ “Miso Nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022

The concept of the naturally fermented and aged miso product is “the new of the season” and it is named after “nouveau” which means “new” in French. “Miso Nouveau, Hatsunari” which tastes fresh and young, varies in flavors depending on the weather or the conditions of the ingredients so you can enjoy the slight difference every year.

Suntory ”SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau”

The wine is from TOMI NO OKA Winery whose wines are made with the fresh taste of harvested grapes in the season and the joy of the season. They are made from 100% Japanese indigenous grapes grown in Yamanashi Prefecture and the flavors go well with Japanese seasonal dishes.

SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau Koshu 2022

White/ Dry 750ml
The refreshing aroma and acidity of Japanese citrus are pleasant and make you feel refreshed.

“SUNTORY FROM FARM Japanese Nouveau Muscat Bailey A 2022

Rose/ Semi Dry 750ml
A good balance of subtle sweetness and refreshing acidity tastes fruity and make you feel exciting.

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