“Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022 for the seasonal limited sale

Posted on July 19, 2022

HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. will launch “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” at for the retail in Japan with limited quantities for a limited period from October 1st,2022. It is also launched for the international market. The product is made by “Daikanjikomi” in January using the new crop of rice and soybeans harvested in late autumn of the previous year, with the natural fermentation and aging process to follow.


The concept, “The new of the season”

The concept of this product is “the new of the season” and it is named after “nouveau” which means “new” in French. While long matured miso needs longer time for fermentation and aging which can bring out rich and gorgeous umami, “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” is made within shorter period with a lighter color and a fresh taste. The product brings fresh miso aroma coming from low temperature aging technique, also brings the subtle sweetness of rice and pleasant nutty flavor of soybeans. We used the new crop of rice and soybeans harvested in late autumn of the previous year, and in very cold January of the following year, made the product in the traditional miso-making process called “Daikanjikomi”.

Taste characteristics of “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022

“Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” 2022 has fluffy texture like baked sweet potatoes and captures the refreshing aroma of ripen bananas. It is assumed that the fermentation progressed more slowly, because of lower temperatures during winter and spring in 2022 compared to the last year. As a result, the flavor and texture of the ingredients remained. “Miso nouveau, Hatsunari” which tastes fresh and young, varies in flavors depending on the weather or the conditions of the ingredients so you can enjoy the slight difference every year, similar to wine nouveau. 

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