How to Make: Basic Miso Soup Using M1nute Miso

M1nute Miso is another Hikari Miso healthy and quick solution to our hectic and often busy lives. Have some full-flavored miso soup ready in a minute at home, school, office or on the run by keeping M1nute Miso in your briefcase, lunch bag, and office refrigerator.  Tradition never tasted so good so fast
Basic Miso Soup M1nuteMiso HikariMiso
Servings 1


  • 1 tbsp. Hikari M1nute Miso
  • 3/4 cup (180ml) boiling hot water
  • optional ingredients tofu, green onion, wakame seaweed, etc.


  • Pour Hikari M1nute Miso and boiling water into a bowl or mug.
  • Stir well with a spoon until miso is completely dissolved. 
  • Add diced tofu, chopped green onion, wakame seaweed and serve.