Organic Miso Soup 3 Servings
54 g

Organic Miso Soup 3 Servings54 g

Our Organic Miso Soup is made with organic white miso paste and wakame seaweed as a garnish in a single serving sachet, which is convenient for on-the-go, while retaining the restaurant quality of miso soup. You can enjoy the mild savory taste with the sweetness and umami of white miso. Good for vegetarian and vegan diets. Available exclusively in EU and UK.


Contains: Soybeans

NET WT. 54g (18g x 3 servings)


Organic icon Vegan friendly icon Gluten-Free icon


Ingredients: organic soybean paste (water, organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, yeast, koji culture), water, organic spirits (water, organinc rice, salt, koji culture), yeast extract powder, seaweed, salt.