Tofu Miso Soup Authentic Umami Dashi with Bonito & Kelp

An authentic Japanese miso soup made easy. This instant soup has rich taste made of bonito and kelp dashi, and is packed with large chunks of tofu and green onion.

Miso soup is a good source of nutrients, low in carbohydrate, has no cholesterol, helps improve digestion and also boosts immunity. Simply add hot water and the delicious soup is ready in one minute! Product of Shinshu, Japan.

Ingredients (freeze dried miso powder and freeze dried seasoning): powdered soybean paste, tofu (soybeans, magnesium chloride as firming agent), green onion, seaweed, sugar, dried bonito powder, yeast extract powder, salt, dried anchovy powder, dried frigate mackerel powder, kelp powder

Contains: soybeans, bonito, frigate mackerel, anchovy

NET WT. 1.2 oz (35g), 3 servings

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