Two new flavors in the buquérico gelato series

Posted on February 5, 2023

On February 1st 2023, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. buquérico online store added two new exciting flavors of gelato to its buquérico range of products, offering innovative ways to enjoy fermented foods. The new flavors are “YUWAKU Chocolate and Walnut” and “SAIKAI Amazake and Yuzu Sherbet”. This brings the total in the buquérico series of gelatos, “more than just sweet, grown-up treat”, to six flavors.

The buquérico online store:


buquérico gelato made using fermented ingredients was launched in December 2022 with an initial four flavors. Since then, this tempting new taste sensation utilizing the saltiness of miso to highlight the sweetness of milk and caramel has proved a huge hit.

These two new flavors feature chocolate and the fermented rice drink, amazake. “YUWAKU Chocolate and Walnut” is a multilayered taste experience of full-bodied aromatic cocoa and the crunchiness of walnuts, while “SAIKAI Amazake and Yuzu Sherbet” is distinguished by the use of amazake made from koji cultured rice and the refreshing citrus tang of yuzu.

Each lingering recollection of time spent with a special someone has its own special sweetness, and the same can be said of buquérico gelato with its different strains of sophisticated, subtle indulgence. Each flavor bears a name that echoes these precious memories.

YUWAKU (Seduction) Chocolate and Walnut

A luxurious chocolate gelato with the delightful crispy crunch of walnuts. It is a little-known fact that the rich cocoa fragrance and complex flavors of chocolate are also products of fermentation. Walnuts from Nagano join extra-bitter couverture chocolate in an exquisite dance of sweetness and subtle astringency. 

SAIKAI (Reunion) Amazake and Yuzu Sherbet

A sherbet the color and texture of fresh snow, made by combining amazake with juice from the citrus fruit yuzu. Each melting mouthful carries a fresh green whiff of yuzu, in an exhilarating treat for the palate with just the merest hint of sweetness. The amazake used contains no alcohol, making this flavor a suitable treat for children.

Product Summary – Japanese market only

buquérico gelato – Two SKUs :

buquérico YUWAKU Chocolate and Walnut

buquérico SAIKAI Amazake and Yuzu Sherbet

MSRP : 550 Yen incl. tax

Net : 110 ml

buquérico– an innovative way to enjoy the benefits of fermented foods

Since its foundation in 1936, Hikari Miso has been earnestly engaged in miso making that is so natural, nutritious, authentic, and traditional in Japanese history of more than ten centuries. The buquérico range, launched in autumn 2022 and based on a philosophy of “enjoy fermentation!” offers a new approach to accessing the benefits of fermented foods, via a selection of sophisticated, low sweetness treats that slot seamlessly into settings where miso is not traditionally consumed, such as at afternoon tea, or to complement an evening tipple. The first products to be released were bean to MISO, serving up the natural flavor and color of beans, and the miso-infused dip and spread snack food. Latest in the range are gelato flavors that have some innovative fun with the ancient fermentation art and offer more than simply sweetness.

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