Organic Miso Series Marks 10th Anniversary of Organic Sales with New Features

Posted on July 6, 2015

Renewed Package and Two Additional Varieties Update Hikari Miso’s Flagship Product

Hikari Miso announced that its long-selling “Organic Miso” product line has an updated package and added two new varieties to mark its 10th anniversary of organic product sales. The series initially launched in 1995 and quickly gained popularity with four unique varieties: “Red Type,” “White Type,” “Mild Sodium” and “Saikyo Sweet.” Today Hikari Miso holds the largest market share in organic miso in Japan* and the series has grown to be the company’s flagship product for international markets.

New Package Designed to Represent Tradition and High Quality:

The new package for the certified organic product line is designed in a theme to well represent miso, which is an ancient and traditional seasoning of Japan. The new label design is inspired by Japanese-style paper and design patterns in the background and uses a distinctive green hue known for the color of Kabuki theater curtains so that it is reminiscent of Japan. The green also represents organic and environmental stewardship. In addition, a ‘Gluten free’ mark certified by Gluten Intolerance Group is now on the label. With these features, Hikari Miso aims to gain further popularity and recognition of its Organic Miso product SKUs.

Hikari Miso’s 27 Year Commitment to Organic:

Miso is a simple food made with a few ingredients of nature’s best ingredients: soybeans, rice, salt and water. To offer a product that is not only delicious but also reliable and earth-friendly, Hikari Miso first began production of organic miso in 1988, even before an organic certification program was established in Japan. Since then, the desire to produce the most natural miso possible has remained unchanged. The company is committed to delivering high-quality organic miso as well as a product free from chemical additives and/or preservatives.

Two New Varieties Offer Easy Preparation and Dietary Options:

Joining the Organic Miso product line are “Dashi Miso” and “Brown Rice Miso.” The Dashi Miso blends Japanese dashi stock with slow-aged miso that is rich and bold in flavor. With an additive-free dashi made with five ingredients, the product is perfect to cook authentic miso soup without the hassle to prepare stock separately. The “Brown Rice Miso” uses brown rice in place of white polished rice as an ingredient. This makes the product great for macrobiotic diet which emphasizes whole grains over refined foods. With the high-quality ingredients and manufacturing process, the Brown Rice Miso features a savory flavor and deep aroma that can be found in other products of Hikari Miso.

Through its expanded certified Organic Miso line of products, Hikari Miso aims to bolster its share in the market of organic miso.

*Data compiled by Nikkan Keizai Tsushin Co., Ltd.