“Misoya no Makanai Miso Soup Kuradashi Kanjuku Shiro-tsubumiso” is now released

Posted on July 19, 2022

Ultimate clean label miso soup using the best miso, secretly known to the miso craftsmen.


HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the new product, “Misoya no Makanai Miso Soup -Kuradashi Kanjuku Shiro-tsubumiso,” a popular fresh paste-type instant miso soup. It will be available nationwide in Japan from September 1st, 2022. Launch for the international market to follow.

The product is made with Shiro-tsubumiso which contains ample amounts of rice-koji and is slowly aged in lower temperature. It tastes refreshing while brings out umami from both rice and soybeans. You can also enjoy the subtle sweetness of rice-koji.

MAKANAI Miso Soup™

This is the ultimate clean label instant miso soup, made of miso, dried bonito flakes and cut garnish without any chemical seasonings such as MSG. To develop the product, we interviewed miso craftsmen and people at HIKARI MISO who are familiar with miso soup. According to them, the easiest way to make delicious miso soup is to “add miso, dried bonito flakes and roughly cut garnish in a bowl and then simply add hot water.”

In order to realize the best miso soup, we carefully chose rich miso aged in a storehouse. We also included an individual packet of dried bonito flakes. By sprinkling it on the soup just before eating, the aroma and deep taste of freshly shaved dried bonito will enhance the miso soup making it even more delicious. Since the launch of the first two products under MAKANAI Miso Soup in 2021, the sales of the range has been very strong. To supplement the brand, HIKARI MISO is now launching the third one Kuradashi Kanjuku Shiro-tsubumiso.

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