“MISOYA‘S Master blend— Miso to Dip” two types have been released!

Posted on May 23, 2022

“MISOYA’s Master blend”, a versatile spicy seasoning that

is convenient for adding a little is now available!


Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. Has released a lineup of “*MISOYA’s Master blend — Miso to Dip” from the brand “MISOYA’s Master blend,” allowing people to easily enjoy new experiences with miso and cooking. It has been on sale in supermarkets across Japan since March 16.

* Japan limited product

“MISOYA’s Master blend,” a special blend of miso

Miso is a deep and versatile ingredient that allows you to enjoy various aromas and tastes by combining it with blends and ingredients. “MISOYA’s Master blend” offers new opportunities to try miso and use it in cooking.  Since 2019, we have been developing the “MISOYA’s Master blend” series to allow people to easily enjoy cooking with a miso specially blended by experts who are familiar with creating flavors. Now, we have released the third product in the series, “Miso to Dip.”

Wider range of flavors! Shinshu miso-based all-purpose spicy seasoning “Miso to Dip.”

The newly released “Miso to Dip” series responds to customer feedback such as “I want to enjoy miso aside from miso soup,” “I want to easily expand the range of flavors of dishes” and “I want to easily change flavors.” You can easily transform it into your favorite taste just by adding it to various dishes.  We have developed a product that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways as a slightly added seasoning that changes the taste of condiments, dips and dishes.

The scented and spicy seasonings that have become popular in recent years can be added to the dishes to accentuate the flavors.

The market continues to expand, and we want people to feel that “they can customize it to their own taste.” Therefore, this time, we created new tastes based on Shinshu miso that makes the best use of the umami and richness of miso, which is not found in existing spicy seasonings. It goes well not only meat and fish dishes, but also rice and noodles.

Two types of popular “ume” and “mala” are available

“MISOYA’s Master blend — Miso to Dip (Ume)” uses our long-selling product. Additive-free and matured koji miso and blends the ingredients in a well-balanced manner, valuing the sweetness of miso and the acidity of plums. By adding dried bonito, it is even more appetizing. In addition, we use uncolored, unscented plums. It goes well with light dishes such as pork shabu-shabu as well as fish dishes.

“MISOYA’s Master blend — Miso to Dip (Mala)” has a complex and deep spicy taste that combines doubanjiang, Chinese peppers and red pepper with multiple spices and ingredients. For miso, we chose rice miso, which has a strong aged feel, to match the spicy taste of mala. The sesame seeds accentuate the texture and add aroma to the whole miso. It goes well with oily dishes such as dumplings and fried foods.

◆ The concept is “cooking friendly”

“MISOYA’s Master blend” is for those who are busy with work, housework, child care and those who want to eat food made with ingredients that best suits the tastes of the family. It also does not require time and effort to cook. It is a product that everyone would want to utilize. It is a brand based on the concept of clean labels, which is made by combining only familiar ingredients such as those found in the kitchen at home, without using chemical or umami seasonings.

  • Use only familiar materials like those found in your home kitchen
  • No chemical or umami seasonings
  • The taste of miso makes cooking even more enjoyable
  • Easy and convenient

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