July 2022, HIKARI MISO expands Miso fermentation and aging capacity with “MIRAIZO“ the innovative miso storehouse

Posted on July 25, 2022

July 2022, HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. has introduced “MIRAZO” the new miso fermentation and aging storehouse. “MIRAIZO”, in Japanese, describes HIKARI MISO’s strong commitment “Keep expanding and enhancing miso production and its quality by the new miso cellar”.

“MIRAIZO” is a state-of-the-art facility that incorporates 1,500 miso barrels of stainless steel made, with the computer-controlled conveyor system, to come up with 3,000 tons of miso for fermentation and aging process. The facility is designed to have the renewable technologies such as the highly efficient room temperature control system, most recently developed insulation material used for walls and roofs, and electricity partly supplied by the local CO2-free Hydropower.


◆ Commitment to the Naming “MIRAIZO”

Almost a half century has passed since HIKARI MISO built our miso fermentation and aging storehouse at the foot of the Central Alps, Nagano prefecture, Japan.

The company has been producing wholeheartedly miso by carefully sourcing the selected natural ingredients from around the world. The miso craftsmen passionately have devoted themselves to fermentation and aging process by inheriting traditional skilled techniques and challenging to adopt innovative technologies.

The company commits to unrelenting efforts to meet the changing needs of customers wishing for healthy, happy, and sustainable eating life. Now with “MIRAIZO,” HIKARI MISO confidently evolves to provide more of quality miso products to the customers around the world.


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