“HIKARI ORGANIC MISO SOUP” for EU and UK markets is released

Posted on August 25, 2022

HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. launches “Hikari Organic Miso Soup”, as EU-certified Organic, exclusively in EU and UK in August 2022. “Hikari Organic Miso Soup” is a new addition to our wide range of organic miso products. It comes in a 3-serving pack, is good for quick and easy miso soup at home and for “miso-soup-to-go” anytime anywhere.


The product is so natural and simple, made with the most popular “Hikari Organic Miso White” and wakame seaweed as a garnish. It is a gluten-free, vegan, and non MSG-added product. It has a mild savory taste with the sweetness and umami of white miso. It can be enjoyed as a soup served with meals or as a healthy soup to sip in a mug for a break.

Product name: Hikari Organic Miso Soup
Net Weight: 54 g (18 g x 3 serving)
MSRP: Open
Available: August 2022 (may vary by country/region)

◆Developed to meet the market needs

In EU and UK, Hikari Miso has recognized the growing demand for organic miso soup along with more distribution of the traditional organic miso paste. COVID-19 has further increased interest in health foods, especially fermented foods like miso. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for organic foods and to provide EU and UK consumers with an “affordable”, “reliable”, and “delicious” organic instant miso soup. here, Hikari Miso launches the product for quick and easy miso soup at home and for miso-soup-to-go for anytime and anywhere.

◆Commitment to Organic Miso

With the earnestness message “Nature’s Best, from Our Family to Yours, HIKARI MISO – a dedication bringing natures’ best to customers”, Hikari Miso has been engaged in organic miso production as the most valuable corporate strategy for over 30 years. Hikari Miso’s organic miso comes with the best quality as well as perfect assurance to customers with the third-party certifications that comply with Japan, US, EU, and UK regulations.

In 1997 Hikari Miso launched the organic miso “Kodawattemasu” certified by the US certification body OCIA, prior to the introduction of Japanese national organic certification JAS in 2000. Since then up to now, “Kodawattemasu” has always been the best-selling organic miso in the Japanese market. Hikari Miso further strengthens the organic certifications, intending to cultivate the international market, as certified by USDA’s NOP in 2001and then EU-Organic in 2008.

Along with the organic certifications, Hikari Miso has launched more of organic miso product ranges with more variety of distinctive flavors and taste profiles. Hikari Miso now offers “Hikari Organic” ranges of 8 retail SKUs, and 7 SKUs of the organic miso in bulk for food service and industrial use.    

Hikari Miso established “Hikari Miso SDGs action plan” – the road map of actions and the objectives towards the year 2035. Organic Miso is defined, in the action plan, as the product group based on the crucially sustainable supply chain management, from the farmland to the table at home, with the significant growth strategy for the global market.   

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