HIKARI MISO’s unique “Circulation – 3R Model”

Posted on September 16, 2022

Providing local farmers with soil conditioners made from organic waste

HIKARI MISO CO., Ltd. provides soil conditioners made from sludge generated through effluent processing plant, wood chips, and soybeans removed out from the cleaning process at the local farmers market “Tagiri” in Iijima-machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano prefecture, where the Hikari Miso Iijima Green factory is located. “Tagiri” is a public facility that aims to provide safe and comfortable road traffic environment for travelers. In this manner, the facility creates a lively community operated under the concept of “a unique and lively place created together with the local community.” Fresh vegetables and fruits harvested from the farmland using the soil conditioner are sold at the farmers market. Hikari Miso, as a local community-based company, commits to contribute to the development of local agriculture by promoting our unique initiative “Circulation – 3R Model”.

The Soil Conditioners
 Green Onion Farmland with The Soil Conditionrs

◆ Promoting use of the organic fertilizers

In Japan, the productivity of agricultural products is not improving due to decline of soil fertility that is caused by using chemical fertilizer. Nowadays, from the perspective of SDGs and sustainable agriculture practice, it is desirable to use more organic fertilizers. The white paper “Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, compiled by MAFF – the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries – in 2021 sets a target of 30% reduction in chemical fertilizer by 2050. With this background, the use of organic fertilizers such as soil conditioners is expected to increase in the future.

◆ Hikar Miso’s unique “Circulation – 3R Model”

Following the ISO14001 certification for the environment management system in 1999 as the first achievement among Japanese miso manufactures, Hikari Miso introduced SDGs Action Plan in 2019. Hikari Miso seriously recognizes the responsibility to proactively take actions towards sustainability for all the aspects.


The company utilize the microbial decomposition technology to produce methane gas out of  the organic waste. The process results in the reduction of the organic waste by 75%.  The methane gas is used for the generator on site and for boilers.cle


Organic waste is used, by mixing with wood chips, soybean peels and any others, for the soil conditioner which is characterized as excellent aeration, water retention, and fertilizer retention. This mixture is then fermented at a recycling contractor. The soil conditioners are believed to soften farm soil and make farmland more sustainable. The company recycle and utilize the organic waste of miso ingredients from soybeans which are blessings from the nature for sustainability.


The company provides the soil conditioners to the local farmers, continues to work with the farmers market “Tagiri”, and cooperates with the local government to establish effective utilization of the soil conditioners. This effort will contribute to agricultural development of the community and enhance our company’s social responsibility.

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