Hikari Miso introduces brand-new “buquérico”

Posted on October 31, 2022

On October 27, 2022, HIKARI MISO Co.,LTD. introduced buquérico a brand that offers a new eating style of fermented food. buquérico features two ranges of products: one with the idea of “bean to MISO,” and the other with the idea of “dip and spread.” The products are available exclusively on the buquérico official online store: https://www.buquerico.shop/


buquérico – an innovative way to enjoy fermented food

Since its foundation in 1936, Hikari Miso has been earnestly engaged in making miso that is natural, nutritious, authentic and made in traditional Japanese ways dating back more than 1,000 years. The company now introduces the new concept of “Enjoy Fermentation!” in contemporary consumer life. The new concept is to offer the tasty fermented beans at tea breaks, or with wine or sake at night, moving away from traditional miso soup.

bean to MISO

Moving away from soybeans for traditional miso making, buquérico selected three beans that are distinctive in color and in taste. They are Azuki beans, marrowfat peas and chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Azuki, making best use of whole grain, features gentle sweetness and pleasant thin bean peels. Aoni, as we call it for its natural color traditionally celebrated in Japan, using marrowfat peas, boasts the “fresh aroma of green beans just harvested in the field.” Kogane, as we name it after a Japanese word for gold for its beautiful golden color upon fermentation process, using chickpeas, features a pleasant sweetness and a subtle fluffy texture. We suggest a fermented bean potage, starring a spoonful of bean to MISO into warm milk to create a delicious quick and easy soup. Other suggestions include putting bean to MISO on boiled vegetables, on onigiri (Japanese rice ball) and on butter toasted bread.

fermented bean potage

dip and spread

Our appetizing snack product range is a marriage of Eastern and Western culinary arts. It offers excellent umami taste boosted by Hikari Miso’s elaborate unique recipe development effort with the inclusion of miso, with a subtle and pleasant miso aroma. The rillette features pork paste seasoned with miso, Japanese pepper and cashews. The corned beef features the excellent tastes of beef seasoned with miso, cream cheese and yuzu citrus to produce a pleasantly light-tasting corned beef.


Product Summary – Japanese market only

bean to MISO – Three SKUs

bean to Miso-Azuki
bean to MISO-Aoni
bean to MISO-Kogane 
MSRP : 756 Yen incl. tax
Net weight : 200g
Best before : 6 months at cool room temperature
Keep refrigerated after opening


dip and spread – Two SKUs

dip and spread-pork rillette
dip & spread-corned beef  
dip & spread-pork rillette: 950 Yen incl. tax
dip & spread-corned beef: 1,361Yen incl. tax   
Net weight : 150g
Best before : 6 months in freezer storage


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