GINZA KUKI Restaurant collaborates with The C. W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust to introduce seasonal menu serving Japanese Fukinoto Butterbur harvested from the Woodland

Posted on April 5, 2021

GINZA KUKI, a Japanese restaurant, offers seasonal dishes with the excellence of miso and other ingridients of Japanese traditional fermentation technique. The restaurant offers special menu serving Japanese Fukinoto Butterbur harvested in The C.W. Nicol Woodland Trust. The menu is available from April 5.

The C.W. Nicol Woodland Trust is located in Shinanomachi, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture. Chairman of the trust is Izumi Morita.

The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland in summer

The C.W. Afan Woodland is located at the foot of Mt. Kurohime in the northern region of Nagano prefecture. C.W. Nicole – the novelist, Environment activist, and adventurer – settled down to the woodland in 1986, to start purchasing the deserted forest year by year to restore the woodland back into the beautiful forest historically unique to Japan.

More than a half century ago, Japan has abundant of beautiful forest where life of the Japanese is relying on. People had been gifted for nutritious food from the nature, fire woods, and anything else from the forest, those of which had been lost while Japan has turned into “high economic miracle” post the War. With tremendous effort by The C.W. Nicol Trust since his settlement, the woodland has now turned up to the one with abundant of various plants and animals, to eventually restore ecosystem there.

Hikari Miso brand message “Nature’s Gift, from Our Family to Yours” and C.W. Nicol Woodland Trust objective share the same value “appreciating co-existence of people and forest”. Hikari Miso as the leading miso manufacturer located in Nagano, making good use of nature’s gift, is committed to support efforts of C.W. Nicol Woodland Trust.

Hikari Miso now offers seasonal menu using the Fukinoto Butterbur harvested in the spring Afan woodland at the restaurant GINAZA KUKI in Tokyo. It is Hikari Miso’s belief that the seasonal menu making good use of nature’s gift makes any contribution towards restoration of the forest.

Enjoy Nature’s Best from Afan Woodland
– Selected menu at Ginza Kuki

Set lunch course 1,800 yen excluding tax (1,980 yen including tax)

  • Assorted Tempura-fried catch of the day fish, Fukinoto Butterbur, and some other edible wild plants, topped with vinegar sauce.
  • Organic Sasanishiki rice from Naruko Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture, milled by Funakubo – Five-star rice Meister, cooked by a clay pot
  • Miso soup Miyabi – three-year aged miso
  • Miso and sake lees flavored ice cream

As side: Tempura fried Fukinoto Butterbur, 600 yen excluding tax (660 yen including tax)

  • Simple but the best cooking way to enjoy fresh scent of Fukinoto Butterbur

As side: Fukinoto Butterbur miso
Another cooking option to enjoy fresh scent of Fukinoto Butterbur – Fukinoto Butterbur miso

  • Fukinoto Butterbur is cooked with lightly roasted miso – The best of Japanese favorite
  • Complimentary available for Kuki guest during the season

GINAZA KUKI is the restaurant owned by Hikari Miso with its history of more than eighty years. GINAZA KUKI intends to offer customers the great value of Japanese traditional fermentation and aging technique in the new modern ways. The name Kuki is the origin of miso, introduced in 6th century in China.

Address : GINZA-A5 4th Floor, 5-9-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone : (Outside Japan +81) 03-3572-5433 (reservation required)
Business hours : Lunch 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Last order 1:30 PM)
Dinner 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

GINAZA KUKI COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

  • Healthy Team Members: daily temperature checks
  • Protective Equipment: masks on every team member
  • Social Distancing: reconfigured layouts
  • Placed tabletop dividers
  • Placed air purifiers, increased ventilation and air circulation
  • Clean Environment: tables disinfected after each visit


Open counter seats
Private dining room

Online shop with a selection of Hikari Miso’s finest miso available for purchase.
Gift sets also available.

From Left to right:3-year aged Miyabi, 2-year aged Hana, and organic reduces sodium Zen