“CRAFT MISO NAMA-KOJI” is now released

Posted on July 19, 2022

HIKARI MISO Co., Ltd. will launch “CRAFT MISO NAMA-KOJI” using a “Cozy & Koji“blending process which was specifically developed for the product. It is delicious eaten as is without cooking because it characterizes a fresh and fruity taste, complimented by a soft and juicy texture with less sodium content. It will be available nationwide in Japan from September 1st, 2022. Launch for the international market to follow.


Newly developed “Cozy-Koji” blending process

It takes more than twice as long to make miso by “Cozy & Koji” blending process compared to the other type of miso commonly available in the market. Our miso craftsmen have carefully dedicated themselves to making “Cozy & Koji”, by controlling all the conditions such as room temperature, humidity, koji mold culture time, and newly developed blending process. The process gives it a fresh and fruity taste, with soft and juicy texture. The sodium content of the product is reduced by 25% than the other miso product.

“CRAFT MISO NAMA-KOJI” with vegetable sticks

Information about various recipes of “CRAFT MISO NAMA-KOJI” and new ways of eating miso will be available on HIKARI MISO SNS and website.

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