Sesame Miso Sauce for Udon

Versatile sauce for udon noodles and more! This product can be used for dipping, dressing or saucing for noodle dishes, combining sesame, miso and dashi stock for deep layers of flavor. It contains sesame paste and roasted sesame, blended miso of rich red and mild white from the Shinshu region, and aromatic bonito dashi perfect for udon noodles. No added MSG.

Add water to the sauce or drizzle over noodles to your taste. An authentic noodle dish is ready instantly!

Ingredients: soybean paste (water, soybeans, rice, salt), water, sugar, fermented seasoning (glucose, glutinous rice, alcohol, malted rice, salt), soy sauce, salt, sesame seeds, rice vinegar, sesame paste, seasoned bonito extract (dried bonito extract, sugar, yeast extract, alcohol), dried bonito powder

Contains: soybeans, wheat, bonito

NET WT. 12.8 oz (365g)

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