Miso Nikomi Udon Soup Base

Convenient soup base for udon noodles and more! This soup base can be used to cook Nagoya-style “miso nikomi udon,” a noodle dish simmered in miso-flavored soup. The product features deep red “aka dashi” miso and umami-rich dashi stock extracted from bonito and sardine.

Simply add noodles to the soup base, and the rich flavor will absorb into the noodles in 10 minutes. No added MSG.

Ingredients: soybean paste (soybeans, water, salt, rice, alcohol, roasted barley flour), water, sugar, fermented seasoning (glucose, glutinous rice, alcohol, malted rice, salt), salt, yeast extract powder, soy sauce, fish extract, dried bonito powder, rice vinegar, dried anchovy powder, seasoned bonito extract (dried bonito extract, sugar, yeast extract, alcohol), dried bonito extract

Contains: soybeans, wheat, bonito, anchovy

NET WT. 11.9 oz (340g)

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