Japanese Curry Soba

There is plenty of bonito stock and a perfect amount of spice in this umami filled soup. “Soba” (buckwheat noodles) and the aroma of curry go well together in this Japanese favorite.

1 serving


Soba Noodles (2.29 oz) :
Wheat Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Palm Oil, Modified Starch, Salt, Guar Gum, Vitamin E, Vitamin C.

Powdered Soup (0.44 oz) :
Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Sugar, Spices, Powdered Soy Sauce, Powdered Palm Oil (Palm Oil, Maltodextrin, Modified Starch), Guar Gum, Caramel Color, Dried Bonito Powder, Yeast Extract Powder, Hydrolyzed Protein (Bonito), Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil, Rapeseed Oil), Dried Frigate Mackerel Powder, Silicon Dioxide.

Garnish (0.05 oz) :
Fried Tofu (Soybean, Palm Oil), Green Onion, Carrot, Calcium Sulfate, Glucono-δ-Lactone.

Contains Bonito, Frigate Mackerel, Wheat, Soybeans.

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