Soup Shokudo Adds Four More Varieties

Instant Soup Series Offers Wide Selection and Convenience for Everyday Meal

Hikari Miso announced that four varieties will be added to its “Soup Shokudo” product line and will go on sale in grocery stores and supermarkets across Japan starting mid-March. The latest additions are: two flavors of “Goshurui no Kokumotsu to Genmai wo Oishiku Taberu Soup,” which are “Tori Dashi Shio Aji” and “Wafu Tonyu Shitate,” and two spicy soups labeled “Chili Tomato Soup” and “Chige Soup.”

Series Continues to Expand with Delicious Varieties:

The “Soup Shokudo” instant soup is designed to offer fewer servings in a package and more varieties in the series. It models after shokudo or diner, where customers can select and enjoy a different item for each meal. Hikari Miso has introduced “Funwari Tamago Soup,” “Negi Shio Wakame Soup,” “Nanashu no Yasai to Kanten no Soup” and “Nanashu no Yasai to Kaiso no Soup” thus far and continues to expand with new varieties.

“Goshurui no Kokumotsu to Genmai wo Oishiku Taberu Soup” features an abundance of grains including quinoa, amaranth and brown rice, and comes in two soup flavors. “Tori Dashi Shio Aji,” made with chicken broth and salt, blends chicken umami, sesame oil and vegetables together and gives gentle taste of soup. “Wafu Tonyu Shitate” is a rich yet smooth soup based with soy sauce and soy milk. The combination of the two is popular particularly among women because of the deep and mild flavor it creates.

In addition, these two spicy varieties are joining the series: “Chili Tomato Soup” incorporates the blend of sweet tomato and hot spices well into the soup with plenty of vegetables and “Chige Soup” emphasizes the spiciness of soup infiltrated with kimchi flavor and seafood broth. The products have only 36 Calories and 25 Calories per serving respectively.

Instant Soup Beyond Fast and Simple Preparation:

Hikari Miso has introduced numerous instant soup products and presented on-trend flavors and ingredients. The company is dedicated to offering healthy and nutritious options to improve one’s diet and will continue to develop products that are not only easy in preparation but authentic and delightful in taste.