Shio Koji Recipe Series Adds “Yakisoba”

Classic Fried Noodle Dish Get an Overhaul from Popular Blogger

Hikari Miso released its “Yakisoba with Shio Koji” recipe today as the latest addition to its Shio Koji recipe series. This is a hugely popular creation by popular home cooking blogger Namiko Chen,

Using Hikari Miso’s “Shio Koji,” the easy-to-follow recipe takes only 15 minutes to cook. With its simple prep, it should prove to be an interesting option for a quick meal or snack, and is perfect for the busy holiday season. Children and adults alike may find that this Yakisoba bursting with umami is their new go-to noodle dish.

Shio Koji is the all-purpose seasoning driving this recipe series. The series is scheduled to grow with additional contributions from Chen, also known as Nami by her blog readers. Hikari Miso hopes the recipes will inspire more people try the product and enjoy the benefits of its taste enhancing properties.