Hikari Miso Shio Koji Recipes Now Online

Blogger Nami Presents Two Thanksgiving Alternatives with Trending Ingredient

Hikari Miso today announced the arrival of two recipes that use the newly introduced product called “Shio Koji.” Like miso, shio koji is a traditional Japanese seasoning/ingredient that is a fermented mix of salt and malted rice and acts to draw the umami out of other ingredients. It has become a popular food item in Japan due to its ease of use and the rise in interest for fermented foods in recent years.

Braised Herb Chicken With Shio Koji Hikari Miso

“Braised Herb Chicken with Shio Koji” and “Shio Koji Karaage” were revealed as the first recipes for the Shio Koji series under Home Recipes. The Braised Herb Chicken boasts flavorful chicken that is marinated in Shio Koji. With the distinctive aroma of herbs, the warm and savory recipe offers an alternative choice for this Thanksgiving.

Shio Koji Karaage, also known as Japanese Fried Chicken, bathed in Shio Koji, will yield incredible chicken juiciness and rich flavor when deep-fried. Perhaps more exciting than a soy-sauce-based karaage, this dish keeps taste buds wanting more.

The recipes listed here are the creation of longtime Hikari Miso user and popular US-based blogger Namiko Chen, also known as Nami by her readers. Hikari Miso hopes that customers will enjoy her recipes featuring Shio Koji. Said to be the all-purpose seasoning, shio koji will likely bring new approached to old favorites. Hikari Miso reports that more Shio Koji recipes from Nami using common American ingredients are yet to come.