Shio Koji Recipe Series Adds “Grilled Mackerel” by Nami

Blogger Shares Simple Cooking of Healthy and Nutritious Fish

Hikari Miso released “Grilled Mackerel with Shio Koji” recipe today as its latest addition to the Shio Koji recipe series. This is an easy yet elegant creation by popular home cooking blogger Namiko Chen,

Hikari Miso presents Grilled Mackerel with Shio Koji as the first recipe for 2014. Using mackerel, which is a good source of protein and essential oils, the dish can be served as a healthy and nutritious meal option for the start of a new year. Seasoning and prep are extremely simple and the fish takes only 15 minutes to cook.

Shio Koji’s success as a marinade is evident in this dish, expressing its flavor enhancing properties throughout the flesh of the fish and making it remarkably tender. The grilling or broiling called for in the recipe strips some fat from the fish for a leaner meal as well as giving it a crispy exterior. The mackerel can also be prepared pan-fried.

Shio Koji is the all-purpose seasoning driving this recipe series. The series is scheduled to grow with additional contributions from Chen, also known as Nami by her blog readers. Hikari Miso hopes the recipes will inspire more people to try the product and enjoy the benefits of its taste enhancing properties.