Hikari Miso Receives Recognition in Supporting Reforestation in Nagano

Company Ensures its Commitment to Environmental Protection with C.W. Nicol

July 24, 2014 — Hikari Miso is pleased to announce it received recognition from The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust (Afan Woodland Trust) for its continuous support in reforestation since 2004 and was presented a letter of recognition on July 14, 2014. On this occasion, the meeting between C.W. Nicol, chairman of the Afan Woodland Trust, and Yoshihiro Hayashi, president of Hikari Miso, took place at Afan Woodland located in Nagano Prefecture.

General incorporated foundation, the Afan Woodland Trust was established in purpose of restoring the Afan Woodland forest to create a place where humans and animals can restore themselves through nature. In 2004, Hikari Miso joined as a supporting member of the trust and in 2010, became the sponsor of the forest maintenance development.

As a food manufacturer heavily relying on natural resources, Hikari Miso believes the company has a responsibility for protecting the rich nature of the Southern Alps and the Central Alps of Japan and giving back to what it benefits from. The company shares much interest and commitment in environmental protection with the Afan Woodland Trust.

In the meeting, Nicol and Hayashi discussed a wide range of topics, from the latest on reforestation in the woodland, their history in the region, the diversity of nature, to the future of Japan. Following the meeting held at the trust’s visitor center, the two took advantage to stroll down the beautiful woodland trail after the rain, promising the future success and development of their activities.

Hikari Miso will continuously acknowledge the magnificence of the nature and assist the Afan Woodland Trust’s efforts for the reforestation, in order to serve as a responsible member of the community.

Activities of Afan Woodland Trust

Experts leading horse in drawing the thinned woods out.

Volunteers covering the trail with the wood chips to protect the soil.