High-Profile L.A. Chef Refines Classic Dishes with Miso

New Recipes Showcase a Perfect Marriage of Japanese and American

Hikari Miso presents the latest addition to its website, introducing three new recipes created by Glen Ishii, a native of Los Angeles and chef/co-owner of JiST Cafe. The recipes are now available for viewing on the recipes page.

With extensive experience in global cuisine and fine dining, Chef Ishii has taken three popular American items: Post Roast, Hot Wings and Grilled Vegetables, and combined them with miso to produce refined healthy dishes. While professionally crafted, each recipe is designed simply and tailored for home cooking.

Chef Ishii believes that even those who are unfamiliar with miso will enjoy the robust taste and aroma of miso with his recipes. Drawn from his Japanese-American background, he has been incorporating Japanese foods into other genres of cuisine throughout his career.

“Miso is one of the most interesting condiments because it significantly enhances the flavor of food and adds richness to texture,” says Ishii. “With miso being so versatile, I’m always looking for new ways to use it for my dishes as well as when I cook at home.”

The following are the recipes that Chef Ishii created for Hikari Miso:

Spicy Miso Hot Wings with Miso Ranch Dressing

Pot Roast With Saikyo Miso Hikari Miso

Pot Roast with Saikyo Miso

Grilled Vegetables With Vegan Miso Sauce Hikari Miso

Vegan Friendly Grilled Vegetables with Miso Sauce

Hikari Miso is proud to feature this collaboration with Chef Ishii who has headed top restaurants in Los Angeles. The company hopes that his recipes will help world-wide customers infuse miso into home cooking and looks to share more recipes exploring the healthy condiment of Japan.