Kokusan Sozai Shinshu Koji Miso to Launch in Japan – Made with Domestic Soybeans, Rice and Salt

A new product line of Kokusan Sozai (Japan Grown Ingredients) Shinshu Koji Miso from Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. will go on sale in markets throughout Japan on June 1, 2020.

Kokusan Sozai Shinshu Koji Miso / Kokusan Sozai Shinshu Koji Miso Reduced Sodium
Suggested retail price in Japan: 650 yen (tax excluded)
Net Weight 22.9 oz (650g) / Shelf Life 180 days
Reduced Sodium includes 25% less sodium than original

Products with Domestic Ingredients Perceived as “Safe” in Japan

Hikari Miso has long offered additive-free and organic miso to customers all over the world based upon its desire to create delicious, safe miso made from natural sources. With the heightened interest in healthy living, there is a current need for more dependable, safe food options, and the international demand for our additive-free miso and organic miso has outpaced the demand in Japan.

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with where food ingredients are being sourced.  According to the Consumer Trend Survey in Japan*1, 60% of respondents regard domestically grown food products as “safe,” and 70% said they consider whether products are made in Japan when shopping. In response to findings like these, Hikari Miso has developed the Kokusan Sozai (Japan Grown Ingredients) Shinshu Koji Miso made with ingredients all grown in Japan.

*1 Japan Finance Corporation: Consumer Trend Survey (January 2020)

For many years, the company has long provided additive-free miso and organic miso, and its lineup has expanded over time to offer other options, such as naturally fermented miso, long-aging miso, and miso made with Japan grown ingredients. The company sells 1,000 tons annually of domestic ingredient miso products and, with a stable popularity, the sales is expected to increase each year.

Mild, Savory Taste that Starts from the Ground Up

The new Kokusan Sozai (Japan Grown Ingredients) Shinshu Koji Miso is a naturally delicious, additive-free Shinshu koji miso made entirely from Japan sourced ingredients: soybeans, rice, and nigari salt (a mineral-rich, natural derivative of sea salt with a flaky composition and bitter taste). Large domestic soybeans are gently shelled and simmered until they reach a smooth and fluffy consistency. The soybeans, along with rice koji (culture) cultivated from sweet Japanese rice, and nigari salt extracted from Japanese seawater through an evaporation method using a traditional furnace, are carefully prepared at the foot of the “Japanese Alps” in the Shinshu region. The miso is fermented at a low temperature to prevent it from darkening, giving the final product a mild taste and savory flavor enhanced by ingredients grown and produced exclusively in Japan.


Founded in 1936 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading miso manufacturer and the number one maker of certified organic miso in the world. Inspired by the pristine and natural environment of Nagano, the company has flourished in an area surrounded by what are known as the “Japanese Alps.” These snow-capped peaks are the water source for the company’s green-certified manufacturing plant located in the Iijima district.

Hikari Miso sells its products in Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Europe and the Middle East and maintains its US subsidiary, Hikari Miso International, Inc., in California. Hikari Miso was the first miso manufacturer in Japan to earn certified organic status and is also certified organic by USDA in the U.S. and to EU standards. The company honors ancient miso making traditions while embracing modern consumers’ need for high-quality, naturally and organically sourced products. Hikari Miso is dedicated to providing its customers around the world “Tradition You Can Taste and Trust.”

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