Trending Japanese Seasoning Debuts in North America

Hikari Miso Promotes Shio Koji with Online Sweepstakes

Hikari Miso announced today that “Shio Koji,” a traditional Japanese seasoning, is now on sale and can be found in the refrigerated section of Japanese and Asian supermarkets and other select stores. The recent growing interest in fermented goods and its reputation as an all-purpose seasoning has made shio koji extremely popular in its native Japan. Hikari Miso hopes to see the same trend in North America with the products release.

Shio koji is a live food culture, a fermented mixture of malted rice, salt and water. Characterized by a faintly sweet and salty taste it looks similar to rice porridge. With its unique tenderizing properties and ability to enhance flavor, shio koji can be used as a sauce, marinade or seasoning, and most notably as a replacement for salt in everyday cooking.

More information on shio koji can be found in Koji and Shio Koji.

Hikari Miso has packaged the product in an easy pour bottle for consumer convenience. Using its proprietary no-heat processing, the company preserves some of the effects of the live culture in the bottle. This allows the beneficial enzymes to break down proteins and starches to draw the umami out of meat, fish and vegetables when used. For locations of where to purchase Shio Koji, contact Hikari Miso through the Contact Form.

In tandem with its latest product debut, Namiko Chen, popular US-based blogger and longtime user of Hikari Miso products, reveals two culinary creations for the Shio Koji recipe series found under Recipes. Known to her readers as Nami, Chen reports that since discovering Hikari Miso’s Shio Koji she has been using it in place of salt with amazing end results, like the juicy tender chicken in her karaage or Japanese style fried chicken.

ABOUT NAMI: author/cook/photographer of Just One Cookbook

A native of Yokohama, Japan, Nami inherited her passion for cooking and her culinary basics from her mother. In 2011, she started a blog titled “Just One Cookbook” to organize her Japanese recipes that she had been sharing with her friends. The blog, featuring easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful pictures, has become extremely popular, with an average 12,000 readers per day accessing her blog from around the world. In December 2013, she published an ebook titled “Just One Cookbook – Essential Japanese Recipes” with 33 easy and simple recipes from her archives. Nami currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area with her family.

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