Hikari Miso Completes Construction of Logistics Center At Iijima Green Factory

Operations Begin Aug. 1 Aiming to Improve Product Quality

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. held an opening ceremony on August 1, 2014 for its new “Hikari Miso Logistics Center” upon construction completion within its Iijima Green Factory grounds in Iijima, Nagano Prefecture.
The logistics center was built for the purpose of managing and controlling the quality of a wide variety of products the company manufactures. In recent years, Hikari Miso has been adding more varieties to its traditional miso product line, including products with smaller quantities and higher added value as well as products that focus on ease of use and preparation. There is an increasing demand for these products in Japan where dwindling birth rate and growing proportion of elderly people are becoming prominent and life styles of dual-income families and single-person household are common.

Hikari Miso Logistics Center:

“Hikari Miso Logistics Center” is 49.6 meters (162.7 feet) wide, 68.2 meters (223.8 feet) long and 10.45 meters (34.28 feet) high, outfitted with a truck yard that has space for eight trucks in front and two trucks on the side. The interior is separated into room temperature and controlled temperature areas. Each area has four levels of palette shelves that can hold 1,222 palettes worth of products. Along with the opening of this logistics center, distribution operations will be managed by the company’s own employees.

Hikari Miso strongly believes that the company can assure a high level of quality control under appropriate environmental conditions through this facility investment and consolidation of distribution operations, increasing the efficiency of product management operations. Hikari Miso aims to respond to customer needs swiftly and further improve product quality by managing the entire process from manufacturing to distribution.

Hikari Miso Logistics Center Profile:

Facility Name: Hikari Miso Logistics Center
Address: 1145-8 Tagiri, Iijima, Kamiina-gun, Nagano 399-3701 JAPAN
Structure: Steel construction, one story
Features: • Truck yard parking capacity for 10 trucks with loading docks
• Interior is split into two: room temperature and temperature-controlled warehouse
• Each warehouse holds 1,222 palettes

Distributed Products: Miso, instant miso soup and other packaged food
Area Dimensions: Approx. 8,280 square meter or 89,125 square feet
Floor Dimensions: Approx. 3,500 square meter or 37,674 square feet
Construction Completion: July 2014