Hikari Miso to Introduce Mainichi Oishii Wakame Soup to Value Pack Series

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is introducing Mainichi Oishii Wakame Soup 20 Packs, a new addition to the “Great value series of Mainichi Oishii” that is “Great value for everyday enjoyable eating”. The soup will go on sale nationwide in Japan beginning March 1, 2021.

Products Fulfilling Demand for Budget-friendly Necessities in Large Quantities

Hikari Miso now presents Mainichi Oishii Wakame Soup, the fourth addition to the Mainichi Oishii series, which is designed to be enjoyed every day. The new soup has an abundance of wakame seaweed and sesame seeds to create a depth of flavor while the product is reasonably priced. Consumers can delight in the aromatic sesame seeds and the lingering umami of a slightly sweet scallop broth. This versatile wakame soup is a gratifying accompaniment to Japanese, Western, Chinese and various other cuisines thanks to its comforting taste.

In response to consumer needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hikari Miso began offering products in the Mainichi Oishii series that come in large quantities without putting a strain on the wallet.
Those include:

Wakame and Tofu Awase
Miso Soup

Miso soup using Awase-blended miso seasoned by traditional bonito dashi, 10 serving each for Wakame-seaweed and tofu

Naganegi and Aburaage Miso Soup

Miso soup using Awase-blended miso seasoned by traditional bonito dashi, 10 serving each for Naganegi-Green Onion and Aburaage Fried Tofu

Harusame Noodle Soup

Harusame-bean starch vermicelli noodle soup, with 10 serving each of Chinese soy sauce flavor soup and with Chicken flavor soup

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a recent demand for easily stockpiled foods that come in large quantities without the expensive price tag. According to a survey regarding the spread of COVID-19 (*1), 68% of respondents have attested to a decrease in appetite due to the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, many companies have transitioned to telecommuting and holding online meetings. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan has deemed this to be part of a “new normal” and has predicted that the number of people having meals at home will continue to increase.

*1 Survey from Japanese Consumers Co-Operative Union, August 5, 2020

Environmentally-conscious Packing Designed with Illustrations and Made with 23% Less Plastic

Hikari Miso products are typically presented in packages with color photographs of the serving suggestions. However, for the new Mainichi Oishii series, illustrations replace the photographs to make it more cost efficient for consumers while offering high quality tasty soup. Additionally, the shape of the package has been converted from a gusset pouch to a two-fold bag (a bag sealed with a line in the back), creating a more compact size and reducing the amount of plastic used. Compared with the packaging for Hikari Miso’s other variety pack products, the new Mainichi Oishii Wakame Soup package is made with 23% less plastic. It is compact, easy to store, and was designed with the environment in mind.

The Mainichi Oishii Variety Packs

Mainichi Oishii Wakame Soup

Suggested retail price in Japan: 450 yen (tax excluded)
Amount: 4.9g x 20 serving
Shelf life: 15 months

Mainichi Oishii Wakame and Tofu Miso Soup

Suggested retail price in Japan: 360 yen (tax excluded)
Net weight: 15.1gx10 for Wakame and 15.3gx10 for Tofu
Shelf life: 8 months

Mainichi Oishi Naganegi and Aburaage Miso Soup

Suggested retail price in Japan: 360 yen (tax excluded)
Net weight: 15.2gx10 for Naganegi and 15.4gx10 for Aburaage
Shelf life: 8 months

Mainichi Oishi Harusame Noodle Soup

Suggested retail price in Japan: 600 yen (tax excluded)
Net weight: 12.0gx10 for Chinese soy sauce flavor and 11.1gx10 for Egg soups
Shelf life: 12 months

Founded in 1936 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading miso manufacturer and the number one maker of certified organic miso in the world. Inspired by the pristine and natural environment of Nagano, the company has flourished in an area surrounded by what are known as the “Japanese Alps.” These snow-capped peaks are the water source for the company’s manufacturing plant located in the Iijima district.

The company’s organic miso is certified by Japanese JAS, NOP by USDA, and EU Organic. The company honors traditional miso making and fermentation process while embracing modern consumers’ need for high-quality, naturally and organically sourced products. Hikari Miso is dedicated to providing its customers around the world “Tradition You Can Taste and Trust.

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