Hikari Miso Recognized as 2020 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Entity

On March 3, 2020, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. was recognized as a 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Entity (small to mid-size enterprise category) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)  and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

The Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Entities Recognition Program is designed to honor both large enterprises and SMEs that have performed exceptional health management such as taking action to address regional health issues and advancing the health standards promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, an organization of Japan to promote community and workplace-based health management actions.

Miso has supported healthy eating habits since long ago, and as a maker of miso, Hikari Miso has seen lasting prosperity by encouraging healthy living, both with our products and in the workplace. Our employees have been the force behind successfully bringing our miso to the world, and we strive to further improve workplace conditions. The actions we have taken, such as distributing health information and establishing a mental health consultation program, subsequently led to our recognition as a Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Entity.

Actions taken at Hikari Miso include:

  • Enforcing an 80-item stress check exam for the entire workplace. Documents citing the purpose and significance of the exam have been drawn up, employees’ concerns are being addressed, and efforts were made to increase the number of employees to take the exam. As a result, 96.15% of the employees have completed the exam.
  • Regularly distributing information to raise health awareness in our employees. Furthermore, for our new employees, we have used this opportunity to educate them on how to take care of their health as young adults.
  • Providing mental health consultation. We have implemented measures to allow for easy medical consultation with an industrial physician such as using QR codes to access application forms and establishing a friendly environment to consult about even the smallest of symptoms.

To achieve the company’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), we uphold ideals to drive diversity and actualize gender equality. As a company that manufactures products to promote healthy living for consumers worldwide with their varied tastes and cuisines, we value the health of our employees and strive for gender equality and diversity in the workplace. By furthering a healthy work environment with a motivated and diverse workforce, new ideas and heightened productivity will spur the growth of Hikari Miso.


Founded by the Hayashi family in 1936 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading miso manufacturer, and the number one maker of certified organic miso in the world. Inspired by the pristine and natural environment of Nagano, the company has flourished in an area surrounded by what are known as the “Japanese Alps.” These snow-capped peaks are the water source for the company’s green-certified manufacturing plant located in Iijima, Japan. The company sells its products in Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Europe and the Middle East and maintains its US subsidiary, Hikari Miso International, Inc., in Torrance, CA. It was the first miso manufacturer in Japan to earn certified organic status and is also certified organic by USDA in the U.S. and to EU standards. Hikari Miso honors ancient miso making traditions while embracing modern consumers’ need for high-quality, naturally and organically sourced products. Hikari Miso provides to its consumers around the world “Tradition You Can Taste and Trust.” Visit Hikari Miso at www.hikarimiso.com or for sales information contact our team at customer@hikarimiso.com.