HÄRKIS®FINLAND Yasai no Soboro Series Wins 2020 Japan Packaging Competition Award

The HÄRKIS®FINLAND Yasai no Soboro series from Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. won in the health food category of the 2020 Japan Packaging Competition (JPC), an exhibition to acknowledge product packaging excellence sponsored by the Japan Federation of Printing Industries (JFPI).

HÄRKIS®FINLAND Yasai no Soboro (Plain / Ethnic Curry / Mexican)
Suggested retail price in Japan: 500 yen (tax excluded)
Net Weight 4.6 oz (130g) / Shelf life 365 days (Keep frozen at -0.4°F/-18°C or below)

Mission of the Japan Packaging Competition

Starting in 1962, the JPC is a competitive exhibition which recognizes outstanding commercial packaging that anticipate contemporary needs. It has been organized by the JFPI, a conglomerate of printing associations whose purpose is to further develop and improve Japanese industrialization through the printing. In addition to typically valued features such as ease of use, package designs have evolved in recent years to address consumer demands to become safer and more environmentally friendly. Packaging is also expected to employ new ideas and developments to enrich consumers’ lives. The JPC makes a comprehensive and multilateral evaluation of each commercial packaging entry and distributes awards to the top designs.

Award-winning HÄRKIS®FINLAND Yasai no Soboro Series

“Härkis” is a meat-substitute made of fava beans grown in Finland. It is full of protein in the form of “soboro,” a soft crumbly texture similar to ground meat and can be ready to eat with a quick zap in the microwave. Härkis can be sprinkled on salads and pizza, or added to stir-fry, as well as used in a wide variety of other dishes thanks to its versatile texture. We recommend swapping out real meat for this healthier substitute.



The main image on the package utilizes the top-down photography angle loved by food photographers to highlight a food’s delectability and displays how to cook with Härkis. Additionally, a smaller image of the package’s contents, located at the bottom right corner, lets consumers easily identify the soboro texture. Icons are also included for an intuitive understanding of the product’s features, for example, protein and dietary fiber contents. The package itself has been designed to be easily held in consumers’ hands.


Founded in 1936 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading miso manufacturer and the number one maker of certified organic miso in the world. Inspired by the pristine and natural environment of Nagano, the company has flourished in an area surrounded by what are known as the “Japanese Alps.” These snow-capped peaks are the water source for the company’s green-certified manufacturing plant located in the Iijima district.

Hikari Miso sells its products in Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Europe and the Middle East and maintains its US subsidiary, Hikari Miso International, Inc., in California. Hikari Miso was the first miso manufacturer in Japan to earn certified organic status and is also certified organic by USDA in the U.S. and to EU standards. The company honors ancient miso making traditions while embracing modern consumers’ need for high-quality, naturally and organically sourced products. Hikari Miso is dedicated to providing its customers around the world “Tradition You Can Taste and Trust.”

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