Shio Koji Recipe Series Adds “Daikon and Cucumber Salad” Recipe

Popular Blogger Unveils Refreshing Dish with Versatile Seasoning

Hikari Miso released “Daikon and Cucumber Salad” recipe today as the latest addition to its Shio Koji recipe series. This is another delicious creation by popular home cooking blogger Namiko Chen,

The salad is prepared by marinating Japanese daikon radish and cucumber with Hikari Miso’s “Shio Koji” and rice vinegar and is finished in the refrigerator. Its light and refreshing taste combines easily with any meal. Preparation merely consists of cutting ingredients and dressing them in seasoning. This decidedly simple process makes the recipe an excellent choice for first time users of Shio Koji.

Shio Koji is a versatile seasoning and can be used as a pickling agent as demonstrated in this instance. Its live food property, the koji mold, induces some fermentation when combined with the raw vegetables. This results in the lightly pickled flavor and texture of the daikon and cucumber.

Driving this recipe series is the all-purpose seasoning Shio Koji. Which is scheduled to grow with additional contributions from Chen, also known as Nami by her blog readers. Hikari Miso hopes the recipes will inspire more people to try the product and enjoy the benefits of its taste enhancing properties.