“Kodawattemasu” Achieves Best-Selling Organic Miso in Japan Five Years Running

Market Share Steadily Increases in the Competitive Organic Miso Segment

Hikari Miso announced that its certified organic “Kodawattemasu 750g” has reached number one in sales※1 in the organic miso segment in the past five consecutive years running 2009 to 2013, according to data gathered on KSP-POS※2. In response to this feat, the company will renew the “Kodawattemasu“ package design and looks to further increase consumer awareness.

One of the company’s main organic products, “Kodawattemasu,“ has won favor not only for its high quality as an organic miso product, but for the richness in umami and aroma that originate from a carefully matured koji miso. In sales revenue from 2013, its market share has risen to 41.1%※1 firmly establishing its position as a popular organic food product SKU.

Considering the demand for low salt foods, Hikari Miso released “Kodawattemasu Genen,” a low sodium version of the product, in 2013. The company managed to reduce salt content by 20% and retain the same great taste of “Kodawattemasu.”

※1 Calculated by Hikari Miso using data provided by KSP-POS
※2 POS database collected from roughly 860 food retailers in Japan by KSP-SP Co. LTD.

Twenty-six years of dedication to organic miso:

In 1988, when Hikari Miso’s first organic miso went on sale, the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) had not yet established specific organic standards and various ambiguous organic designations were common place in the absence of national standards. The company’s desire to provide consumers with a great-tasting miso and to gain further trust in product quality led Hikari Miso to take the necessary steps to obtain organic certification from other well known certifying bodies.

Since then, for 26 years Hikari Miso has strived to be and has grown into a company that is trusted not only in Japan but around the world. The company looks to remain a pioneer in the organic miso segment as well as meeting the expectations of global consumers by continuing to press on in the making of safe, reliable and great tasting miso.

New Product Information

Product Content Suggested Retail Price
in Japan
(Tax not included)
Product Features
KodawattemasuKodawattemasu 750 g
500 g
700 yen
500 yen
The leading staple in the organic miso market, it has been 26 years since this product was first put on sale. It features unique richness in umami and aroma that originate from a carefully managed and matured miso.
(Package renewal is only on the 750g)
Kodawattemasu – GenenKodawattemasu Genen 750 g 700 yen Genen contains 20% less salt than Kodawattemasu. This product retains the same rich umami and aroma without bringing attention to its lower salt content.