Aosa Seaweed is Added to Popular Fresh Miso Soup Series

Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is introducing a new variety for the popular series of Fresh Miso Soup. The product Aosa Seaweed 8 Servings will be available nationwide in Japan beginning on March 1, 2021.

The new Aosa Seaweed 8 servings is an instant soup using fresh miso paste mixed with aosa seaweed, also known as sea lettuce. It features impressive marine flavor – the gentle fragrance of the seashore and the bold savoriness of seafood broth. Blending of two different type of miso gives sweetness and depth to the miso soup.

Hikari Miso is releasing the new product in order to meet the growing popularity in aosa seaweed. Rich in nutrition and versatile for cooking, sales in aosa-related products was increased by 112% * in 2020 compared to the previous year. Aosa is also a popular ingredient for miso soup. In March 2021, the company redesigned the look of “Fresh Miso Soup” packaging, expanding the miso soup graphic to cover the entire package in order showcase the kinds of ingredients included.

* KSP-POS relative to January – December of 2020

Fresh Miso Soup Series

Fresh Miso Soup
Aosa Seaweed

Suggested retail price in Japan: 130 yen (tax excluded)
Amount: 17g x 8 servings
Shelf life: 10 months

Founded in 1936 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, Hikari Miso Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading miso manufacturer and the number one maker of certified organic miso in the world. Inspired by the pristine and natural environment of Nagano, the company has flourished in an area surrounded by what are known as the “Japanese Alps.” These snow-capped peaks are the water source for the company’s manufacturing plant located in the Iijima district.

The company’s organic miso is certified by Japanese JAS, NOP by USDA, and EU Organic. 
The company honors traditional miso making and fermentation process while embracing modern consumers’ need for high-quality, naturally and organically sourced products. Hikari Miso is dedicated to providing its customers around the world “Tradition You Can Taste and Trust.

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